Friday, March 25, 2011

VIDEO: Steven Crowder Takes On Bullying

Really good one:

Here's the deal: schools simply cannot protect kids from all or even most bullying.

Where does bullying happen? When the teachers are not paying attention.

What do you expect a kid to do?

Kids should simply be able to defend themselves. Adults have that right, why shouldn't kids?

I also think there should be some kind of law where parents can sue other parents for their kids' bullying. I don't know if it is the law (doubt it) but that's the way it should be. If your kid is a bully and he picks on my kid, and he won't stop, you should have the responsibility to keep your kid home from school and discipline him or get treatment until he stops.

That would probably stop some of the bullying.

My daughter is autistic and she was bullied by a neighbourhood kid. He would physically assault her for no reason-- just because it was fun to do. I saw him tackle her from behind, without any provocation. He was about six or seven years old. I tried to talk to his family but they were ineffective. Note that he never bullied her at school as far as I know. I suspect he had an inkling the school staff was rather protective of my daughter. The only legal recourse I could see in that situation was to call Child Protection, which I refused to do. Bad as the bully was, I don't think calling Child Protection was going to be of any help. I feared they would take him away from his mother, and my theory is, a bad mother is better is no mother, and kids are rarely better off in foster care or in state care unless they're being seriously assaulted. So I had to keep my daughter in a lot of the time.

I moved to a new house. That solved that problem. Probably the most cost-effective measure anyway.