Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why Conservative Catholics don't do "social justice"-- Are you listening Canadian bishops???

Confessions of a Thirty Something Cybertronian (language warning in the original):

Well this week, inserted into the Parish bulletin was a little gem put forth by Development and Peace, a 'Catholic' organization run by people so left of centre, they make Lenin look like Stephen Harper. It seems, with the approval of the Canadian Catholic Bishops no doubt,. we can all make our lent a little more social justice conscious. Well,..isn't that the silliest pile of bull**** perpetrated as yet to date by the eco-feminazi terrorist heterodox forces still in full control of the Canadian hierarchy! So let's see, let's not have a 'call to holiness' instead let's make sure the trees and whales are safe, along with migrant cell phone workers getting recompensated for suffering carbon emmissions. (Or whatever else can distract from pro life issues,... no mention of abortion/gay marriage..) So by now your thinking when is this guy gonna stop ranting about social justice?!? Well the answer is when social justice actually becomes social justice instead of a cleverly (not so much anymore...) disguised form of marxism used to keep people in ignorance.


So my fellow Canadians, let's all take this opportunity this Ash Wednesday to medidate upon Jesus in the desert. The Ashes, calling to mind our own mortality, that we are dust. Our sins caused the Passion and death of our Lord. His Ressurection gives us reassurance of Eternal life! This Lent let's all give up the social justice bull**** and concentrate on our relationship spiritually with God.
And it's by a Montrealer, too. Preach it, mon frère!