Friday, April 08, 2011

Blogger meet up being organized at the Vatican

Details at Whispers in the Loggia.

At first, I thought it would be exciting but then I said to myself...

Let's be serious. Do you think that really blunt Catholic bloggers would be invited at this sort of thing?

The aim of the meeting, which is being organised by the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Social Communications, is to allow for a dialogue between bloggers and Church representatives, to listen to the experiences of those who are actively involved in this arena, and to achieve a greater understanding of the needs of that community.

Needs of that community?

How about ORTHODOXY!!!!

I don't really "need" anything except for the bishops to pay attention to the Catechism and Canon Law.

But these official gatherings in institutional settings tend to be so sedate and polite, that nothing will ever get across.

The institutional framework and mentality of professional Catholics is such that they just do not want to hear what orthodox faithful Catholics have to say.

I mean I want to go there and tell everyone please cut the bull****!

Look at the Development and Peace scandal. How did the bishops react when they got the news? They dumped all over LifeSiteNews and indirectly on SoCon or Bust (the head guy on this scandal) and maybe a little on me and other faithful Catholic bloggers for wanting a Church that's more orthodox...that's more faithful to the Word and Will of God.

If that's the reaction of the locals, how do you supposed entrenched professional Catholics at the Vatican will react to us?

In Europe, there's still a strong monarchical/classist mentality, where the aristocrats know better than you. The Vatican, is a kind of aristocracy. And when you're around aristocracy, protocol is to be ultra polite and not say things the way they are.

That's the complete opposite of blogging. Okay, maybe some Catholics are still very polite. But there comes a point when, in order to get your idea across, you just state things as plainly as possible.

This is not how the Vatican operates at all.

The first panel will involve 5 bloggers – they will be chosen to represent different language groups and each will address a specific theme of general relevance. The second panel will draw on people involved in the Church’s communications outreach – they will speak of their experiences in working with new media and initiatives aimed at ensuring an effective engagement by the Church with bloggers.

The Vatican will select the bloggers. Oy.

Who do you suppose they will pick? I suspect it's not the blunt, small-time grassroots lay bloggers.

The invitation is open to all, but bloggers who wish to attend need to apply by emailing and sending a link to their blog. As space is limited to 150 seats and there is a desire to have a representation of the entire blogosphere, entrance passes and further details will be distributed with a view to the diversity of language and geography, typology of blogs (institutional or private, multivoice or personal), subjects of blogs, and timeliness of request.

More blogger selection. Ugh. Do you suspect Fr. Rosica might have something to say about who represents Canada?

But you know, this might be something to pursue in Canada...a blogger meet up for Catholic bloggers. It would have to be on a regional/provincial basis.

Imagine a conference/get-together where we all air our grievances about the institutional, etc. That would make news.

I'm not waiting for the Canadian Bishops to try it. We all know who wouldn't be invited...