Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Canadian Bishops Have Misled The Faithful and Slandered LSN

Do you suppose the retractions are forthcoming?

Somehow I doubt it.

Archbishop Currie acknowledged that LifeSiteNews’ investigation may well have been more accurate than that of his delegation. “With LifeSite, perhaps they would dig a lot deeper ... and make connections which perhaps we didn’t make because we don’t have that kind of access or time.”

What a lame excuse.

If you conduct an investigation, you do everything you need to get to the truth and you take the time you need to do it.

LSN is not a multi-million dollar organisation. The Canadian Catholic Church is. We're supposed to believe that it was just impossible for Catholic bishops to get the money and the time to discover the truth about where the faithful's money is going (but possible for LSN to do so)? They have millions of dollars to pay out to sex abuse victims, but not thousands of dollars to figure out what their own organisation is doing?

Really, what should have happened is that an outside investigator/auditor should have conducted this investigation.

But I get the feeling that the outcome was a foregone conclusion, and the bishops did not want to "waste" a lot of time on this, and they just wanted the cover they needed to blow of LifesiteNews and the pro-life movement.

Now the story is all over Canada (and especially Quebec) that LSN is making unfounded attacks against D &  P, when in fact, they are founded. But the bishops are not going to go out of their way to make amends for this farce of a report.

This scandal is not going away because the evidence is just plain to the naked eye. When you have dozens upon dozens of allegations of funding groups that promote abortion, you'd think they would make a more determined effort to find out the truth.

But the actions of the bishops suggest that they just do not care. They may give lip service to the idea of the right to life,  but when it comes to concrete action to stop abortion and promote the right to life, the social justice ideology trumps all other considerations. The proof is in the pudding. They don't want to look at the evidence because they don't take the pro-life movement all that seriously because they don't take pro-life philosophy all that seriously.

How many bishops show up for the March for Life in Ottawa or local Marches for Life? There's your answer. How many show up for LifeChain? How many make a concerted effort to educate the faithful about life issues?

There's your answer.