Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cardinal Pell for Pope!

In the April 2011 edition of Swag, the magazine for Australia's National Council of Priests, Cardinal Pell takes down Fr. Eric Hodgens, a dissident priest who had written an earlier article concerning the priests of the Gaudium and Spes generation.

I don't have the original article, but that's not important.

What I want to highlight is how forthright and how orthodox Cardinal is in his rebuke of Fr. Hodgens' article.

I've never seen this. Ever. A bishop (and a cardinal no less) just taking down a dissident in plain language.

There's too much to quote. So I'll just quote these parts:

The now aged liberal wing of the Church, which dominated discussion after the Council and often the bishops and the emerging Church bureaucracies, has no following among young practising Catholics, priests or religious. This is not only true in Australia, but everywhere in the Western world. In these different countries dominated by a secular media and intelligentsia, liberalism has no young Catholic progeny.


Eric is a bit too generous to his generation, to which I belong. Many were formidable, but we coincided with a period of decline probably unparalleled since the Reformation.

Finally, finally, finally, a bishop who cuts the bull. And not only does he cut the bull with a general audience, but he tells it like it is to the priests.

H/T Australia Incognita