Monday, April 04, 2011

Development and Peace invites pro-life speaker in Quebec

For a change.

Proving that you do not have to support pro-abort groups to advance your agenda.

The article I linked to reports on the visit of Msgr. Nicolas Djomo, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Congo, and Sister Marie-Bernard Alima, who is head of the bishops' Justice and Peace Commission.

Sister Marie-Bernard's main issue is sexual violence in the Congo. The Congo has been the scene of numerous conflicts for the past several years and rape is a frequent tactic of war.

However, Sister Marie-Bernard does not sanction the use of abortion in the cases of rape. In one article, she is quoted as saying that "it's too simple a solution to a complex issue. And in any case, the child is innocent."

Although the article mentions that Church-associated groups call on doctors known to practice abortions...

Sister Marie-Bernard is quoted in this article as calling on women to lobby against the Maputo Protocol, which would legalize chemical abortions, saying that women have a role in perpetuating the culture of life.

Now why can't Development and Peace limit themselves to groups headed by such individuals?

If it did, there would be no controversy.

But the truth is: there are whole swaths of professional and social justice Catholics who do not care if the unborn are slaughtered. They do not believe that the unborn are equal human beings and therefore entitled to human rights.

Until the Bishops call for accountability from Development and Peace and insist that all its principle workers support fetal rights, this scandal will continue. It's too bad. People like Sister Marie-Bernard really deserves our money.

Folks like Fr. Luis Arriaga do not.