Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fr. Raymond de Souza: D & P does not get it

So Development and Peace...when are you going to prove you get it?

Catholic Bishops, when are you going to require that they do get it?

Fr. Raymond de Souza:

Its vision and mission statements say nothing about God, Jesus Christ, the Gospel, Christianity, evangelization, salvation or the proclamation of the kingdom. In its own self-presentation it is indistinguishable from a secular humanitarian organization, save for its official fundraising activities in Catholic dioceses.


If D & P was deeply convinced that abortion is an “abominable crime,” to use the words of Vatican II, it would not consider pro-abortion agencies to be partners in the struggle for justice, which always begins with the right to life. One could ask D & P whether it would consider a bottled water company a suitable partner? Perhaps that would be beyond the pale.


In response, D & P executive director Michael Casey released a most unworthy statement, obscuring rather than addressing the main point of the archbishop’s decision. Defiantly, it went on to defend the centre’s “outstanding work in defending the lives of the most vulnerable in Mexican society, including migrants, women and indigenous people.” The unborn notably did not make that list.


Does the actual work of D & P advance the Gospel of Christ, including the Gospel of life? The answer should be clear. The events of the last week demonstrate that it is not.

And question to any D & ; P defenders who might troll my combox about how they do defend the Gospel of Life:

Do you believe in fetal rights? That's the first question.

If you do not, you've proven our point.

I've never known a D & P supporter to answer that question.