Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I don't want the Sunshine Girl Channel

Tasha Kheiriddin nails it:

So why won’t I be watching? Because despite its virtues, Sun TV really isn’t about Hard News and Straight Talk. It’s about Hot Chicks and Sexy Outfits. And oh yes, after 5 pm, ladies, for the most part, you are dismissed.

For its women presenters, there seems to be a ban on sleeves. Not a jacket in sight. Only cocktail dresses, as clingy and low-cut as possible.


After 5 pm, the women go home, and the men come out. All wearing suits, needless to say. And interviewing overwhelmingly…. other men in suits. The first night, in three hours of television, I counted all of three women guests, one of whom was Samantha Ardente, the school-secretary-turned-porn-star from Quebec. The second night did feature a female Sun correspondent with covered arms – sporting a very tight sweater. Hmm.

It’s clear who the target audience is for Sun TV, and it actually isn’t small-c conservatives: it’s men who like their news with a side of T and A and bluster. Perhaps this represents the brave new frontier of television. Perhaps not. The market will decide, as it should, whether Sun TV lives or dies. But if this is the tone they want to strike, I won’t be watching. Call me crazy, but I prefer my anchors with sleeves.

I find the Sunshine girls visually boring.

It's about zero degrees outside, and they're in sun dresses. What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with the way CBC and CTV news anchors look? Suhana Meharchand, Heather Hiscox, Sandie Rinaldo-- they may not be Sunshine Girl material, but they look good to me, and they look professional and not like they're trying to appeal to baser instincts.

I like watching good-looking women. But when just about every single woman on that station is a potential sunshine girl, I feel like Sun News doesn't think much of women like me: fat and dumpy and pushing 40.

And no, I don't want beefcake anchors either. I just don't want to feel like the news station picked the female anchors for their curves, not their brains and ability.