Friday, April 22, 2011

More Blowback from Development and Peace Supporters

It appears that the blowback campaign for Development and Peace is in full swing.

Did you notice how the evidence is never examined. It's just assumed that what LifeSiteNews said is untrue, or that promoting abortion isn't such a big.

The fact that LifeSiteNews and its supporters are int├ęgristes, that is, people who follow the faith in its entirety, is perceived to be a strike against it.

Which shows you what kind of mentality we are dealing with.

This blogger quotes a letter from one organisation asking that the bishops of Canada defend Development and Peace.

But they never answer the charges.

They never defend what Fr. Arriaga or any other organization in their support for abortion.

They must know that, on some level, the promotion of abortion is indefensible.

So they have to smear LifeSiteNews and other similar-minded individuals with politically motivated labels instead of examining the evidence.

After all, what does it matter if LSN is "fundamentalist"? If what it says is true, then D & P does not have a leg to stand on.

I wish somebody would force these guys' hands and make them state their case: why should we fund groups that promote abortion? Is is that legal protection for the unborn is unimportant or immoral? Pick one.

In light of the revelation that D & P co-wrote the report that exonerated them, they no longer have that  to hide behind.

Will somebody in that organization have the guts to please state their real views about the legal rights of unborn children? Have the courage of your convictions. Truth matters.