Thursday, April 07, 2011

Proving once again that "Trust Women" is a dumb slogan

Jivin' J comments on a pro-abort's take on sex selection abortions:

There is no simple answer for pro-choicers because there is no valid answer. If you accept the ideology that women should have complete bodily autonomy and you live by the slogan "Trust Women" then there's no weaseling in a "well....I'm in favor of bodily autonomy for women whose decisions aren't effected by cultural differences" or a "Trust Women.... whose choices I agree with."

If you second guess women on ANY of their reproductive choices then....


That's just not limited to sex selection abortions.

That includes women who decide they want to talk to sidewalk counsellors or visit Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

What? You don't trust them to make the right judgements? You don't trust them to get the correct information or see through the pro-life strategy?

What makes their alleged ignorance not okay when it comes to sidewalk counsellors, but perfectly okay when it comes to the true nature of abortion, i.e. it kills a human being?

It boils down to whether the pro-aborts agree with your information or not.

And if they don't think you have the correct information or the correcti judgement, then they don't trust women.

Frankly, sometimes some women are stupid and irrational, and they are not trustworthy. But that never fits in with the feminist conception of female infallibility when it comes to women's reproductive choices.

What it boils down to is that women should be able to do what they want with regardless of the consequences to other individuals and the rest of society.

Men are not treated that way, by the way.

But feminists live in a delusional world where power is the only thing that matters.