Monday, April 25, 2011

The rot in the Church is deep

Says SoCon or Bust about the Development and Peace report scandal:

And let’s not forget the culpability of the Catholic Lapdog Press in this whole scandal. Shame on the Lapdog Press for drinking the D&P KoolAid and sharing it with their readers! Will they do the honourable thing and admit their errors? Or is it going to be more Dan Rather journalism? Will they FINALLY call out Development & Peace and take a harder line next time D&P tries to sell them their KoolAid? Salt and Light bears a particular responsibility in D&P’s propaganda because they welcomed Archbishop Weisgerber on the air and on their blog, without any sort of serious discernment about the incontrovertible facts that were already available to them at the time. We therefore call on the mainstream Catholic media to disseminate the news of this fraud just as broadly and vigorously as they disseminated the original whitewash report. This is the minimum requirement of justice and truth. The Catholic Register, Zenit, and Salt + Light are three organizations which need to come clean and report the truth.

Something tells me that they will dig up more tidbits to cover up the truth.

The best predictor of future results is past results.