Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Theology of Dad on the Development and Peace Scandal

Colin Kerr:

Of D & P, what more can be said? Here you have a situation where the two most powerful bishops in the country, Their Graces, Collins and Prendergast, have stated publicly that the fruit of the tree is rotten. These bishops have offices in same buildings as these D & P people, and they run into them all the time, I am sure. Can you say, awkward? And yet, who has heard anything about heads that have rolled at D &  P / CCCB as a consequence of the ongoing expose? But no serious Catholic whose memory extends back more than ten years expects that this will occur. Crazy things have been happening with the CCCB and every diocese in this country for as long as I have been Catholic, and usually nothing happens as a consequence. Now, I know things are slowly beginning to change. Hence, Collins and Prendergast. In the context of the last 40 years they constitute serious episcopal anomalies.

Look, it's not mystery folks.

The head office of Development and Peace is in Montreal.

A diocese headed by a Cardinal-- Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte-- who stated publicly on French television-- RDI to be precise-- that he is opposed to abortion being re-criminalized.

If the head of the Church in Montreal doesn't think unborn human beings are entitled to the right to life, why should the rest of the faithful?

Really, what we need are a bunch of clergy-- especially bishops-- who tell bishops opposed to fetal rights exactly where they get off.

Until the Church is one on fetal rights, and it's treated as a serious human rights issue, this is going to continue.

And the big problem of the Church in Canada is Quebec.

I realize that opposition to fetal rights and apathy about it is widespread in this country, but it's endemic in Quebec, the most Catholic province (by numbers) in the country.

We will never have fetal rights legislation, or a Church united in support of fetal rights, until we get serious about making progress in Quebec.