Thursday, May 26, 2011

Abortion Gang: I wish I could give her that late-term abortion

From Steph at the Abortion

Angela (name changed) was one such a case. She called our hotline when she was well over the legal limit for an abortion–over 24 weeks. She had been trying to have an abortion for two months, but because of various medical conditions and never having enough money, she was turned away from many local providers. She’s in a conundrum. She needs to have an abortion. The only provider that will see her is 5000 miles away, and that abortion is $9000, not to mention travel and lodging. Angela couldn’t afford to feed her children last week. Where will she come up with $9000?

There is no easy solution here. I wish I had a big bag of abortion money and could grant Angela the abortion of her dreams. Unfortunately, Angela couldn’t get that abortion. I wish I could’ve called Congress and put her on speaker phone. I wish I could call Henry Hyde and have him listen to her cry. My heart aches for her and for all women in her situation.

But the fetuses who have to suffer and die from the abortion? Not so much

I loved this line:

Until politicians hear the voices and experiences of women like her, restrictions on this legal medical procedure will continue to roll out of Capitol Hill and states across the nation.

They really have no sense of what it is that they're promoting, do they?

Note to poor-choicers: so long as people envision little babies having their hearts pierced with solutions of potassium chloride, no amount of crying from "desperate women" will change people's minds on late term abortion. You lost on that front. Deal with it.