Sunday, May 08, 2011

The gay priest debate

Renew America:

'Studies have shown that priests who abused minors overwhelmingly preyed on teenage males. While a person who has this age preference might be called an ephebophile in psychiatric terms, it's still a disordered sexual desire. Since most have been directed toward males, it's also a manifestation of homosexuality. That is what homosexuality is: attraction to one's own sex. It's dishonest to classify it only as ephebophelia when both ephebophelia and homosexuality are present as dual components — each being an immature sexuality.


Men who act out with other men are often attracted to the bodies of teenage males because of the virility they perceive in the teenagers and the lack of it in themselves. Priests who have acted out with teenage males have been pansexual with adults as well, a point ignored in the study.

H/T: Doug Lawrence