Friday, May 06, 2011

What the pro-aborts have in store for us at the Ottawa March for Life

Same old same old:

Noon: we meet on parliament hill (during the anti-choice christian ho-down) and take space with our sex-positiveness. Generally, the strategy here has been to sit or stand quietly. We will meet directly on the Hill this year, on the east side of the grass (you can generally spot us as we tend to have colourful homemade signs)

1:30pm: Like previous years, we will be near the Human Rights monument on Elgin street during the anti-ch...oice march *the exact spot is decided the day of as antis always get a permit for the monument before we know the exact date* it will likely be in front of 160 Elgin street.

What to bring; Yourself, lots of creative reproductive justice signs (see below), instruments (like drums or a trumpet), lovers, children, siblings and friends ready to loudly chant that «this f***** up shit has got to go». Bringing snacks to share is also always appreciated!

I don't expect to go. I find it hard to take in all the excitement/stress when I'm pregnant. I have to go get my kids after school so I have to make sure I'm up for that.

But to those of you who are going, I recommend two things:

1. Noisemakers. The louder the better.

2. Home-made signs. I know the organizers offer signs, but always seeing the same signs is boring.

Don't pay too much attention to the opposition. That's exactly what they want.