Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Abortion gangster come out of the closet: I am pro-abortion

Kaitlyn at The Abortion Gang just hates leftists who claim to be pro-choice but anti-abortion.

I am pro-heart transplant, pro-appendix removal, and pro-abortion, whenever one of those is medically necessary. Now the argument will be, it trivializes abortion to say it’s as easy as appendix removal! But it doesn’t trivialize it. The medical reality is that an abortion in the first eight weeks is easier than getting an appendix removed, and the recovery time is much shorter.

That's it Kaitlyn. Trivialize the taking of human life. Overlook those nagging bioethical issues. What are issues of principle? They're just social inventions too, right?

It's another episode of: if a fetus has to suffer and die in the name of female empowerment: tough luck fetus!

Will this mean that poor-choicers will finally end their objection to being called pro-aborts? Only time will tell.