Thursday, June 09, 2011

Development and Peace Member asks: Why?

They keep asking themselves the same questions over and over.

Look, if you want the answers, read LifeSiteNews.

MEXICO CITY, March 31, 2011 ( - An organization funded by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) pulled a page from its website yesterday in which its leader, Fr. Luis Arriaga Valenzuela, congratulates the director of the pro-abortion organization “Catholics for the Right to Decide” for her “outstanding career.”

I want all you Development & Peace supporters to understand this.

Fr. Luis Arriaga is congratulating a woman whose battle is to legalize the killing of prenatal persons.

Would you be scandalized if Fr. Arriaga congratulated activists who want to legalize the killing of born persons? Of course you would. But somehow when it involves the unborn, that's okay.

Arriaga, who is currently on a speaking tour in Canada to encourage Catholics to donate to D& P, made the comments at the event while receiving an award at the same time as Consuelo Mejía, director of Catholics for the Right to Decide, and another pro-abortion activist, Marisa Belausteguigoitia of the University Program for Gender Studies (PUEG). A photo on the page showed Arriaga smiling and standing next to the two as they all hold their awards.

The page was eliminated following an LSN exposé published Tuesday night documenting the pro-abortion activities of Arriaga’s organization, the “Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights,” (PRODH) and discussing his connections to Catholics for the Right to Decide, a group Arriaga has repeatedly supported in his statements and actions.

Although the page is no longer available on the website, LSN had already captured it in a PDF. It can be also be found here.

I wish someone in Development and Peace would actually speaks to the allegations and the evidence.

They never do. The unborn always seem to be excluded when the leftists talk about "the marginalized and excluded". Development and Peace seems to marginalize the unborn.