Friday, June 10, 2011

'I was raped and left pregnant at 16... but I still love my baby'

Every time I look at Phoebe, I know I made the right decision. I never wanted to end my baby's life just because of how she came to be.'

To most women, the thought of carrying their rapist's baby would be unthinkable. Elizabeth says that she, too, would once have shared that view.

To her amazement, though, the first sight of that 'mass of cells' on the screen triggered waves of tenderness rather than revulsion.

'It was surprisingly easy to love her as she grew inside me, but I have to admit I was scared my feelings would change when I saw her. 'During the pregnancy, I had nightmares about the attack and I worried myself sick that seeing my baby would immediately bring on flashbacks of that night.

'But from the moment mum put her on my breast, there was no question we belonged together.

'She did not remind me of that night, and I knew then that having her was more important than what had happened.'

I think this woman is very brave for coming forward, because I can just see the blowback, especially from people involved in abortion.

It was at this point that the story took the most astonishing turn. Elizabeth says she had always held very strong views on abortion - believing it wrong, whatever the circumstances. And she couldn't shake off that feeling, not even while lying on the examining couch in the abortion clinic.

I like that little detail because pro-aborts always think that pro-life women change their tune when they are the victims of trying circumstances.