Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mother of baby who died in foster care goes public on Internet but may face jail

Child Protection is a totalitarian racket.

My beef with this whole story is how nobody is named "to protect the children".

Newsflash: the baby is already dead!

Who were the people responsible? What is the name of this mother? What motivated the Child Protection authorities to take her baby away (aside from the vague charges of alcoholism and mental illness).

Question: why should mental illness, of itself, be a motive for taking away a kid in custody? Is a kid really better off in foster care than with his mother (even a depressed one)?

Nobody is named: not the mother, not the foster parents, not the social workers, not the bureaucrats in charge. Nobody. A baby is dead and nobody is there to answer to the public. And our tax dollars went to pay for this.

I'm surprised more feminists don't get involved in these issues. If there is one body that genuinely oppresses mothers, it's child protection.

H/T: Free Dominion