Thursday, June 02, 2011

Quebec Labour Union affirms its support for Development and Peace

Quebec supporters of Development and Peace have set up a blog to fight back against the charges that they fund groups that support abortion.

And their blog reports that the Montreal Central Committee of the CSN, a Quebec labour union, has voted to affirm its support of Development and Peace and encourages its members to sign the petition to that end.

Their interest in this is that they want to combat "the extreme right".

As if the internal affairs of the Catholic Church are any of their business.

Was it really a good idea for these D & P supporters to get the approval of a hardcore pro-abort union?

The fact that they thought it was a good idea shows that they do not get it. They do not get it at all.

They think that the dismemberment of unborn children is no big deal. They wouldn't seek the approval of a white supremacist group, or a pro-torture group, or any number of groups that violate human rights.

But getting the approval of a group that supports the violation of the rights of unborn children: no problem!

Yeah, that'll bolster their credibility with faithful Catholics. Not.

Look, either you support fetal rights as human rights, or you don't.You can't treat fetal rights as inferior to that of everyone else's.