Thursday, July 07, 2011

It's not just abortion that's killing India's girls

Infanticide is common in the country side.

Channeling feminists: if we could just get the girls killed in the womb, nobody's rights would be violated and there would be equity between the rich and the poor.

Due to the decrease in the sex ratio in India, young people face difficulties when marrying. One girl is essentially bought from another village and is married off to 4 or 5 men at the same time.

Virtual prostitution, if you ask me. And people wonder why polygamy should be illegal.

Feminists point to sexist attitudes as the real reason behind the uneven sex ratio.

But I will suggest another huge problem: their judicial system.

Justice delayed is justice denied. If people do not get punished for their crimes in a timely fashion, that gives them the impression they have free reign to do what they want.

India already bans sex-selection abortion. So the absence of laws is not the problem. It appears that their judicial system is inadequate in the face of the problem.