Monday, July 25, 2011

A post-abortive woman speaks out on PASS

Faith writes:

As women, we owe it to each other to acknowledge that a pro-choice society hiding behind the ideals of feminism and choice, without the courage to reveal the “undiscussed truths,” is a failure unto ourselves. Yes, I had the right to choose an abortion. What I did not have was the ability to become fully educated on the true irreparable psychological damage that is so often associated with abortion and how alone I would be in my suffering.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS)….ever heard of it? It’s a very real condition that affects a large number of women, and even their partners, after an abortion. These women are met with a wide range of emotional symptoms they weren’t anticipating and suddenly find it difficult to cope with their decision. They can struggle with depression, self-doubt, suicide, cutting. Some find it difficult to care for their existing children, often feeling unworthy; and others struggle just to go about their day to day routine. PASS is very real and society needs to become educated on it!

Many pro-choice activists have been sweeping PASS under the rug, implying that it’s simply a myth made up by pro-life advocates as a scare tactic. How could they otherwise account for the limited pro-choice post abortion support groups?


So what are the motives behind so many of these pro-choice activists? Is it really about women and their right to choose? That being the case, I would expect they would want to depict a clear truth of what that ‘choice’ entails. Pregnancy, unplanned or planned, is a life-altering event; one which carries with it a life-long decision. No one should make an uneducated choice about proceeding with or terminating their pregnancy without fully weighing their options and thinking through the consequences. And I just don’t feel that women today are given the opportunity to make a truly educated choice. We’re failing them in one of their most desperate hours by offering idealism rather that the facts – the “undiscussed truths.”

That's one thing I've never liked about feminism.

Feminism was supposed to be based on women's experiences. And it's often not.

It's based on a priori goals determined by an elite.

And when women's experiences and desires contradict those goals, the women who have them are swept aside and some are even demonized.

If women were left to themselves to do exactly what they wanted, most would get married-- or at least partner up, have kids and raise them themselves. If they decided to work, it would be in pink ghetto jobs, probably part-time.

But that's extremely inconvenient because it contradicts feminist goals: of having women in every sphere of society in comparable numbers to men, whether that's what women like or not.

And it's the same thing with abortion.

The admission by feminists of psychological problems after abortion is only a recent phenomenon. Even now when it's discussted it's downplayed.

There could be contributing factors that exacerbate those emotions.

But a heck of a lot of women who go and get abortions are affected by those factors.

And many of them probably wouldn't want abortion in the first place if those factors weren't affecting them!

I don't know why many pro-lifers dignify this movement by calling themselves "feminists". I think this legitimizes them.

Feminism is not about women any more. It's about ideas about women.