Friday, July 08, 2011

The psychological consequences of "forced birth"

They admit that there hasn't been a lot of studies done on "forced birth" but these pro-aborts say that it could lead to mental health consequences of women who are not able to obtain an abortion.

Okay then, let them stand on the Capitol with a sign saying "I regret giving birth". Let them send the message to the world and especially their children that their kids were unwanted and ultimately unloved.

Yeah, that'll be a big PR success.

“In the meantime, I would hypothesize that forced motherhood is linked with negative mental health outcomes including depression, anxiety, and increased risk for suicide,” Baldwin said. “I would expect women who are denied abortion care to experience sleep disturbances, tearfulness, hopelessness, and an inability to concentrate on their daily work or household tasks. Their concern about their ability to care for the children they already have, or to continue with their job, educational, or caregiving responsibilities, may leave them wracked with worry and fear. We know from our own recent history that women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy sometimes feel desperate and go to extremes to change their situation, even placing themselves in jeopardy of illness or death.”

Okay, so go up to the kids who were the product of "forced birth" and have the guts to own up to them that their existence caused their mother so much pain and sorrow. Listen kid, you were an accident, and your mom didn't really want you, and we're trying to say that you should have never really existed in the first place.

Bravo to the marketing geniuses who thought of that strategem.

And I love how the expert is forced to hypothesize and speculate, and her words are given an air of authority despite there being no data to back up that claim. But whatever!

“I hate the thought of any woman being forced to have a child she does not want,” Baldwin said.

But not the thought that an existing child should have been killed.

“If as a society we are going to force women to be mothers

Nobody forces anyone to be a mother. If you do not want to parent, adoption agencies will gladly take your kid from you.

we'd better provide them with all the tools they need, including universal access to health care, healthy affordable foods, safe green places to play, education, jobs and child care.”

The state does not have to be the one to do that.

And get a load of this quote:

Nancy Russo, a psychology professor at Arizona State University, and Henry David of the Transnational Family Research Institute stated in an article on that “both unintended and unwanted childbearing can have negative health, social and psychological consequences.”

Besides effects on the women who are forced to have unwanted children, the children also suffer.

“As adults they were more likely to engage in criminal behavior, be on welfare and receive psychiatric services,” the article stated, referring to unwanted children. “Another [study] found that children who were unintended by their mothers had lower self-esteem than their intended peers 23 years later.”

The children also suffer! Isn't that rich! You're better off dead than suffering from psychiatric problems.

And so because of possible low self-esteem, they should have never existed in the first place.

All this talk of "being forced" to have children makes having children sound like a bad thing, like it's the cause of their problems. That, once again, makes feminists look like they're against children and motherhood. They're very tone-deaf to their own strategies. Then they're going to wonder why so many people think they're anti-motherhood.