Tuesday, August 02, 2011

6-yr-old with developmental disorder accused of sexual assault

Sheer insanity.

How in the world does a six-year-old get charged for anything?

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families said a review of the case found that the Grant County Department of Social Services referred the matter to law enforcement as required by law.

A six-year-old playing doctor?

Under state law, the boy is too young to be charged with a crime or in a juvenile delinquency petition, the equivalent of a criminal complaint for juveniles. Instead, a petition seeking protection or services for the boy was filed in November in Grant County Circuit Court.

Protection from whom?

The petition alleges the boy had sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 12

How does a six-year-old consent to sex?

A second petition filed two weeks after the first also accused the boy of disorderly conduct for allegedly grabbing the breasts of two teenage baby sitters, taking off his clothes and rubbing himself on their legs, and trying to kiss them.


How about training the kid to keep his clothes on and his hands to himself? Is that so difficult? Any parent can do it.

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Child Protection should be protecting children FROM this kind of persecution, not facilitating it.