Friday, August 05, 2011

Abortion worker admits: Abortion kills an unborn child

Says Jeannie at Abortion Witness:

(...) We should never deny that abortion kills an unborn child. When the topic comes up, a simple “yes, I know—and so do women who have abortions” will often suffice. Several years ago, the director at the clinic where I worked was on a radio show talking about second trimester abortion. A caller said, “you can’t tell me it’s not a baby. And you can’t tell me that the baby won’t die!” Yes, she said calmly, it is a baby and yes, it is killed. Women know this, and they have abortions anyway. This is exactly why abortion is complicated, like many of life’s challenges. We must remember, though, that complicated does not necessarily mean wrong.

Why is that complicated?

If an unborn child is a human being, then the pregnant woman is his mom who has a responsibility to protect the child, not kill him.

H/T Pro-Life Action League