Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another quick update on donating to a public cord blood bank

I've done more research on donating cord blood/stem cells to a public cord blood bank in Canada.

The areas in which you can donate to a public cord blood bank are limited:

* Southern Ontario
* Montreal and Quebec City
* Alberta, Northern Canada, Ottawa and Thunder Bay through the Alberta Cord Blood Bank.

Each bank has its own criteria. They appear to be somewhat stringent.

For instance, at the Alberta Cord Blood Bank, women who were prescribed medication-- even something as mild as Diclectin-- cannot donate.

Neither can they donate if the conception took place past age 36.

Or if you are having a c-section.

I'm quite disappointed as I am over the age of 36, am having a c-section and I've used Diclectin once or twice.

Notwithstanding the barriers, I hope we can publicize this effort. Pro-lifers should be at the forefront of promoting ethical stem cell research. :)