Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Could a man sustain a pregnancy (without a uterus)?

This article is over three years old, but very interesting.

The short answer: yes, a man could sustain a pregnancy in his peritoneal cavity, but the placenta would become intertwined with other tissue and the expulsion of this tissue could rupture whatever organs it is attached to.

I know abortion is not typically the subject of comedy, but imagine a play or movie called "The Man who Wanted an Abortion". Consider the hilarity of someone calling a CPC with that case (and of course being hung up on as a crank call) and the jitteriness of the pro-life counsellors trying to figure out what to say to persuade the man to keep the baby instead of going to a clinic-- which in itself could be another source of jokes-- how do you perform a suction curettage on a guy? (Please no racy jokes).

Of course, you'd have to solve the problem of how conception took place in there in the first place. It'd be a comedy, it doesn't have to make sense. :)