Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pro-Life: Demand More of Your Politicians

Sometimes pro-lifers you make me want to scream.

You elect lots of pro-life MP's, thinking that's enough.

No it's not enough.

Take for instance the government's promise to not re-open to the euthanasia debate.

You think: oh good, the legislation is safe.

Are you nuts?

There's a Supreme Court Case which could have the potential to legalize euthanasia.

We should be pressing the government to do everything in its power to stop legalized killing.

And if they do nothing...don't vote for them. Even if they're allegedly pro-life.

If pro-lifers don't vote for them, then they won't win.

And yes, I know the next objection: but the leftists will make things worse.

And I understand that.

But if you don't demand more of your politicians...now pay attention to this:

Nothing will get better.

It's not good enough to be pro-life just in theory. If pro-life politicians don't move in some fashion to restrict the culture of death when they are in power...

Then they do not deserve our support.


Do you want the political scene to get better? Then do the things that will motivate them to take action.

That is, threaten their jobs.

If their jobs are not threatened they will not take action.

There are large numbers of pro-life MP's in the Conservative caucus.

How many of them actually do something concrete for the pro-life cause?

In some ways, pro-life action was better under the dying days of the Liberal government, because you at least had guys like Paul Szabo and Garry Breitkreuz DOING something for the pro-life cause.

Now you have ministers like Jason Kenney not doing diddly squat because he wants to keep his job.

What the hell is the point of voting for a good Catholic like Jason Kenney if he's not advancing the pro-life cause?

I like Jason Kenney. But if he doesn't do the job, he is of no use to us.

Don't vote for him.

Don't just cast your vote because the Conservatives are the least of evils, or even worse, because you're a Kool-aid drinking party member who thinks the Conservatives are just to die for (oh gag).

Demand progress from your politicians. And if you don't get it, stop being a patsy and don't support them.