Friday, August 05, 2011

Top Ten Reasons not to Abolish Slavery. Or Abortion.

I discovered the libertarian blog Liberty PEI which posted a list of reasons not to abolish slavery.

The purpose of this list was to list the arguments to get people to stop pushing for libertarian ideas, even though they are unpopular.

I thought that the reasons echoed many of the same reasons that some people use oppose criminalizing abortion. The blogger's list is a summary of a list produced on the website.

1. Slavery is natural. 1. Abortion is natural.
2. Slavery has always existed. 2. Abortion has always existed.
3. Every society has had slavery. 3. Every society has had abortion.
4. Slaves are not capable of taking care of themselves. 4. Fetuses are not independent human beings.
5. Without masters, slave would die off. 5. If abortion is eliminated, infant morality rate will increase.
6. Where the common people are free, they are even worse off than slaves. 6. If abortion is eliminated, children will die of abuse and neglect.
7. Getting rid of slavery would occasion great bloodshed and other evils. 7. Getting rid of legal abortion would lead to greater evils, such as coathanger abortions.
8. Without slavery the former slaves would run amuck, stealing, raping, killing, and generally causing mayhem. 8. Without abortion, crime levels will rise because children are unwanted.
9.Trying to get rid of slavery is foolishly utopian and impractical 9. Trying to get rid of abortion is foolishly utopian and impractical.
10. Forget abolition. Your time is better used keeping slaves happy. 10. Forget abolition. Your time is better off trying to help mothers get adequate prenatal care/socio-economic help.

Now the comparisons are not perfect in every case, especially if you compare with the original list from but there are many striking parallels.