Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art: Super Fetuses

French artist Alexandre Nicolas has designed a seroes pf sculptures portraying comic book heroes as fetuses. The series is entitled Prédestinés. It's subtitled: Creation and its risks. 8 superfoetuses and one accident.

He also includes a Hitler fetus.

Fairly inflammatory. But then artists do that.

This display makes me think of the old standby argument that abortion is wrong because you could be destroying the next Beethoven.

While I believe this to be true, I never liked that argument because then you have to answer why killing Hitler in vitro would have been wrong (which I believe it would have).

At the time of the pregnancy, no one is really predestined for anything. At least as far as you know. From the perspective of eternity, God has a plan for what he wants to do with your life, and he knows what your fate will be. But no one has access to that knowledge. So practically speaking, there is no real predestination. You don't know if aborting a particular fetus will result in aborting a Beethoven or a Hitler.

Via: Technabob, LaughingSquid and TrendsNow