Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Link Love

Here are a couple of stories I've read lately...

A Council of Europe committee has drafted a resolution that could keep parents-to-be in the dark concerning the gender of the fetus, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The committee says that instructing medical staff to withhold gender information will prevent some parents from “selectively aborting” based on whether the child is a boy or a girl.

I think this is counter productive to the pro-life cause. The identity of the unborn child contributes to his humanization, and gender is part of that identity. One could also make the argument that information on genetic anomalies should not be revealed. Deaths for genetic anomalies are far more prevalent in the West than death because of gender.

In the Bahamas, a Baptist Bishop lobbies to have abortion criminalized.

A new study reveals that the unborn have facial expressions.

Fetuses at the first stage of observation (24 weeks) were able to move one muscle in their face at a time. They would for example stretch their lips or open their mouth. By 35 weeks gestational age, fetuses combined a number of facial muscle movements, combining for example lip stretch, lowering of the eyebrows and deepening the nasolabial furrow, thereby turning isolated movements into recognisable and increasingly complex expressions.