Thursday, September 15, 2011

The state of conservatism in Canada

Brian Lilley:

For the last several years, and in two federal elections, we have been told that the Harper government is most right wing government in Canadian history. We’ve been warned of cuts, we’ve been warned how heartless they are.

That’s been an ongoing narrative, not just from the opposition parties, but from most of the consensus media as well.

Harper will cut.

Harper is ideological.

Harper is ultra-conservative.

It simply isn’t true though.

Under pressure from the left and due to a minority government situation the Harper government has become the biggest spending government in Canadian history. They have cut little and expanded much.


We need leaders across the country who are not afraid to say they believe in smaller, limited government. Leaders who are not afraid to tell special interest groups that although their plan sounds lovely and compassionate that it would be better handled by the private sector or by a charity.

We need leaders not afraid to stand for freedom, for property rights two things so closely tied that without property rights true freedom fades and government power rises up.

We need leaders who are willing to acknowledge that humanity is imperfect and no amount of government meddling, social programs or spending can end all of the inequality, injustice or evil in the world.

We need a real conservative alternative in Canada.

Part of the problem is that the conservative base keeps voting these people in. They don't demand more of their leaders. It's not just that leaders are lacking; it's that the conservative base is so afraid of losing, they don't require conservative principles from their politicians.

If you want true conservatism, stop supporting fake conservatism.