Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What's wrong with this abstract?

Title: Women Bar Drinkers' Discussions About Birth Control and Risky Sexual Behavior.


The discussions reduced rates of risky sex when the sexual partner was more intimate (i.e., boyfriend/dating partner), regardless of AOD use and when the sexual partner was a friend or ex-partner and no AOD were used. The thematic analysis suggested that pregnancy prevention was a stronger motivation for discussing condom use, rather than risk of contracting an STI. Given the substantial rate of high risk partners, history of STIs, and limited amount of time women reported knowing "regular" partners, we suggest that interventions designed to reduce risky sex should be tailored to increase women's awareness of STI and pregnancy risk when under the influence of AOD, and promote condom use regardless of partner type.

Did you notice?

Beside the complete absence of suggesting abstinence as a possible course of action, the authors also omit to make the following suggestions:

1. Don't have casual sex; and
2. Stop using drugs.

You get the feeling that research is about underscoring obvious conclusions but not the obvious solutions.