Monday, October 24, 2011

Another item for the "Abortion is a Shady Business" File

The client had organ failure, but the staff didn't want to call an ambulance...

She thought about calling an ambulance, but instead called the clinic, whose personnel told her to transport her mother to Schulberg’s clinic in a taxi, rather than to the hospital in an ambulance. In the end, nurses from the clinic ended up driving out to the motel where Pheap and Chantha were staying. They brought Pheap outside in a wheelchair, laid her across the back seat of their car, and brought her in for the abortion.

Without administering pain relief or oxygen to Sem, who was still unconscious, Schulberg killed her 23-week-old unborn child.

Chantha’s boyfriend, who was present for much of the ordeal, described the clinic’s attitude as: “Just get the job done and get them out.”

How often must we read this story before someone DOES something about this?

Perhaps there should be a law that, under certain circumstances, an ambulance must be called. Otherwise abortion staffers will keep driving clients to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.