Monday, October 31, 2011

If women don't have access to abortion providers, they'll kill themselves with coathangers!

Or maybe not, says one pro-abort study abstract:

Although not common, self-induced abortion continues to exist in the contemporary United States, where women are being criminalized for the practice.
I have a question: how come men are never "criminalized" for the acts they perform? But we never hear of men being criminalized. Or blacks. Or any number of  groups. Just women.

This paper analyzes the reasons that women have for inducing their own abortions given the existence of legal alternatives. It argues that changes in medical technologies and information technologies have made self-abortions safer and more accessible,
No, no, no. If abortion is criminalized, women will stick coathangers up their crotch and kill themselves en masse because they are too stupid to know better. It's true because feminists say so.

while structural and cultural barriers have limited access to legal abortions. While some feminists and reproductive rights advocates have problematized the practice of self-aborting itself as dangerous and indicative of the deterioration of the rights guaranteed under Roe v Wade, this paper suggests that feminists must turn their attentions to changing the terms under which abortion is treated under the law.

Much as I'd love to read the rest of the article, I'm not paying 34.95 to do so.