Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Madagascar, abortion is considered violence against women

...according to the national union of social workers.

They have set up a branch called "Women in Distress" whose aim is to address violence against women, which in their view includes abortion.

The president of the union says that at least two or three times a week, post-abortive women, or women who seek abortions, consult them.

Many of the pregnant women are victims of marital rape, and the social workers try to get the mother and the family to accept the child, who is viewed as an intruder. They also set up group therapy for women who have abortions, as well as individual therapy.

The only downside is that their group advocates for "family planning" and the teaching of "reproductive health" in high school.

"Reproductive health" is a big scam, in my view. It's the door through which to introduce abortion.