Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In which I vent my frustration about the MSM and the Occupy movement

Dear MSM:

The Occupy Wall Street Movement and its clones are irrelevant. The protest is pointless. It will not change anything. It makes lefties feel good. That's about all it accomplishes.

Please adjust your coverage in consequence. There does not need to be hourly updates of what is occurring. Not even daily updates. Because there's nothing productive going on.

And to Sun News Network: I realize payback is sweet. Casting the spotlight on the socialist nutjobs in the crowd after decades of lefties doing that to right-wingers is just delicious.

But it's not funny after the 10th segment. Ezra Levant did it. Brian Lilley did it. Michael Coren did it. Jacqui Delaney did it.

Okay we get it. A number of these socialists are ignorant, clueless, racist and so forth.

Can we cover OUR issues now?

Please. Just shut up about it. It's not worth all this air time.

I DON'T CARE. And I suspect most people don't either.