Friday, October 14, 2011

VIDEO: Brian Lilley's Interview with Bill Whatcott

Bill Whatcott comes off as a calm, rational, reasonable individual. He is low-key, unlike his flyers.

When conservative pundits talk about Whatcott, I find they treat him like kryptonite, wanting to dissociate themselves with him.

I don't agree with Bill on everything (especially regarding the criminalization of homosexual behaviour).

But I like Bill.

Bill is a guy who has walked the walk. He has done the gay thing. He has taken care of gay people.

The idea that he's some kind of hater is absurd.

Do haters nurse the targets of their hate? Can you picture Nazis or Jihadis nursing Jews? Can you picture a white supremacist taking care of blacks?

Lefitsts have a habit of distorting words and concepts in a self-serving manner. This is what they've done with the word "hate". Hate means wishing someone ill will or committing harmful acts with malevolent intentions. But the left now describes as "hate" any idea that contradicts their ideology.

If their ideology were an absolute and universal standard of love, then perhaps they might have a point.

But as they do not believe in absolute and universal standards, their definition of hate is completely relative and emotion-based.

And therefore can be conveniently self-serving. All you have to do is stretch the notion of hate to any undesired behaviour or sentiment, and it can now be criminalized.

This is what has happened to Bill Whatcott. He is obviously not a hater. But the left needs to frame him as such to silence his dissent.

I predict one day Bill Whatcott will be a folk hero along the lines of John Brown. A footnote of history, but an important footnote.

H/T: Xanthippa's Chamberpot