Thursday, November 10, 2011

Liberal reaction to the Duggars' latest pregnancy

From the comments section in this WaPo column:

Without meaning any offense to anyone, i find these people tiresome, ill-informed and just plain selfish. I consider myself educated, highly environmentally friendly and considerate of the earth and others, not to say that these folks are, but to think that these 20 human beings will require diapers, clothing, food, and housing, not to mention the gas required to shuttle the clan to and fro, they use as much energy as perhaps 100 (or more) third world denizens do, it is just not fair and they should put a stop to this! They love children so much then why don't they adopt a deserving child, as there are so many in this country and the world.
If you love the planet so much, why don't you kill yourself?

Oh wait, you're entitled to live on this planet, but there's no room for anyone else.


People, think! The Duggars are not financially independent. Who do you think paid the hundreds of thousands of dollars in neonatal intensive care for their last ill-advised pregnancy, and for the ongoing medical expenses of that disabled child? Even if they have medical insurance, do you not understand that insurance rates for the rest of us are so high because we are subsidizing over-users like the Duggars?

Don't have kids or else my insurance rates will go up!

Here's a clue: if everyone did what the Duggars did, it would bring a huge boost to the economy and you wouldn't care about your insurance rates.


The world's resources are finite. We already have problems feeding, providing medical care, and finding potable water for the people already in existence.

Pollution and overfishing have destroyed much of the formerly abundant life in our bays, rivers, and oceans. Wildlife is rapidly going extinct due to loss of habitat. Arable land for growing crops is shrinking as our overburdened cities expand. We are suffering from global warming that may have already reached a tipping poi...See Morent. Our air is barely breathable.

It is highly irresponsible, given these conditions, to breed like rabbits.

Human ingenuity is infinite. That's why we have not suffered a mass die-off globally in spite of the supposed "finite resources".

People like this make me want to have more kids just to piss them off. Don't like me breeding? Just watch me!