Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pro-lifers must get doctors onside in the fight for fetal rights

There are basically two groups of people you have to convince about the evil of abortion in order to limit it.

One is women.

The other is doctors.

The reason abortion gets legalized is because doctors want it legalized. I have seen this time and again. If abortion is just a feminist issue, nobody gives a crap. If abortion becomes a so-called medical issue, then criminalizing it seems cruel.

Pro-lifers have reached out to women, but now we have to reach out to doctors. We have to convince them, through evidence and through moral suasion, that abortion is not a medical issue.

It's probably easier to convince thousands of doctors of the evils of abortion than millions of women, especially since doctors have to care about facts (whereas women in a crisis tend to care about getting out of trouble, regardless of the means).

I also have another suggestion.

Perhaps the pro-life community should think more about pushing its own into the medical profession. I know that seems difficult in this day and age, but I think it's absolutely necessary before the pro-aborts completely take over and it's too late.

We should consider founding numerous scholarships for pro-life students to enter into fields of medicine that are affected by the issue: GP's, OB\GYN's, nursing, ultrasound, genetics, embryology (if that's even possible anymore) and the like.

And when I speak of handing out scholarships, I don't mean one or two a year. It would have to be dozens for it to have an impact.

I also think we should perhaps suggest to our children the possibility of a future in the medical profession. We have more kids than the poor-choice. In the days of old, every large Catholic family had a priest or a nun among its numbers. In the same vein, perhaps every large pro-life family should have at least one medical professional among its numbers.

We should also consider suggesting law as a possible pro-life career, but that's another blogpost.