Monday, November 07, 2011

Vatican Cardinal to Priests: your sermons are BOOOOORING!

Thank you thank you thank you Cardinal Ravasi for telling it like it is.

He also says: 

“Too many priests employ theological language that is grey, dull and flavourless. Instead they should spice up their sermons with graphic stories contained in the Bible which use much more forceful imagery.

I also got a quote from the French:

Selon l'AFP, le cardinal italien a invité les prédicateurs à prendre en compte les nouveaux langages pour capter l'attention des fidèles et aussi à ne pas craindre "le scandale" que crée la parole de la Bible. "Nous devons retrouver cette dimension de la parole qui offense, qui inquète, qui juge", a-t-il affirmé.

In English: Preachers should not be afraid of the scandal created by the Bible. We must rediscover that aspect of the word that offends, worries and judges.

In other words, preachers should not be afraid of telling it like it is.


How many boring, lifeless, insipid sermons have I and the vast majority of Catholics sat through? What we are really dying for is deep, trenchant and theologically substantial homelies full of facts, references to the Fathers, Papal teaching and orthodox scriptural research

There's a reason why Catholics turn to their computers for spiritual guidance, away from priests and other "professional Catholics". They are not delivering the goods.