Monday, November 28, 2011

What you have to look forward to as an abortion nurse

I happened upon this Master's thesis in Nursing that deals with the professional identity of nurses and abortion.

Take a look at it. It has some interesting points. The main being that the discourse around abortion inhibits people from doing abortions.

This is precisely why poor-choicers want to silence us.

Anyhow, I thought this tidbit was interesting:

After the abortion, nurses are responsible for “the management and appropriate disposal of the fetus” (Huntington,
2002, p. 275). In fulfilling this responsibility, especially after therapeutic abortions performed at later gestational ages, “nurses are frequently required to clean and dress the fetus, ensure transfer to an appropriate receptacle” (Huntington, 2002, p. 275) and support the mother in viewing or photographing the fetus, if she so chooses (Huntington, 2002).

So your job as an abortion nurse is to dress the baby you just helped kill.

In one room, you try to save a baby.

In the next room, you help kill the baby and then dress the baby. You didn't respect the baby enough in life to keep him alive, but you'll show enough respect in death to put some clothes on him.

That's the contradiction of abortion. It will be its downfall. It's why abortion will never be destigmatized.