Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why abortion will never be destigmatized

An abstract from a Danish study:

This study aimed to provide knowledge about attitudes towards abortion among Danish physicians in training in the specialties of obstetrics/gynecology and clinical genetics. The study was a questionnaire survey among trainees in these specialties. Ninety-six responded. Trainees in clinical genetics were more pro-abortion than those in obstetrics/gynecology (p = 0.04). Of the respondents 30% versus 48% found working with early and late abortions unpleasant. Nearly half agreed to having chosen their specialty despite having to counsel and treat women having abortions. Twenty-one percent agreed that working with late abortion affected their job satisfaction negatively. Those agreeing to the above statements had a tendency towards lower pro-abortion scores than those being indifferent or disagreeing, but the differences were not significant. A substantial fraction of physicians in training have negative feelings associated with abortion-related work and require support in handling and coping with these challenges.

Any way you square it, abortion sucks.

It sucks for the unborn. It sucks for the client. It sucks for the medical profession, unless you happen to have no functioning conscience and are just in it for the money.

They know full well abortion takes a human life. That's why it will never be destigmatized.