Tuesday, December 20, 2011

China: Contraceptive museum plan misfires


PLANS to build a museum devoted to contraceptives in a base where teenagers receive military training has created controversy among the public.


It would include a 10,000-square-meter hall, an education center and a contraceptive theme park - no details of which were provided.

The jokes practically write themselves but I think they might be a little too explicit for this blog...

The proposed museum would tell the story of contraception in China through the ages and detail the achievements of birth control in Rudong County, government officials told the newspaper.

Somehow I doubt there will be an exhibit entitled "I can't get pregnant I'm on birth control!"

But the proposal has been criticized by some nearby residents who claim it would be inappropriate to locate the museum in a suburban area where young people are sent each year for military training, according to the newspaper report.

See, a lot of Chinese are sane and have a sense of decency, unlike their government.