Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Liberal Fundraising Letter is Globe and Mail News Story

But only the MSM objectively reports the news with no partisanship whatsoever.

The article starts off:

Jean Chr├ętien is warning Liberals that gun control and the Kyoto accord are dead because of Stephen Harper’s Tories, darkly noting that same-sex marriage and abortion rights could be next on the Conservative government’s chopping block.

That sort of brightened my day, until I read...

“Unless we are bold. Unless we seize the moment. Everything we built will start being chipped away,” the former prime minister writes in a toughly-worded fundraising letter.

It's always the end of the world in these fundraising letters. They'll write anything to get you to send money.

Question: why is a fundraising letter a newspaper article?

Mr. Chr├ętien’s appeal harkens back to a strategy the Liberals have used in the past, trying to scare Canadians into believing that the Tories have a hidden agenda. The question is could it backfire?

Hidden agenda? I wish!

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae doesn’t think so. “Watching the Republicans in Iowa on Saturday night (the bunch that provide Mr. Harper with his ‘inspiration’), I don’t think we’ve hit rock bottom yet,” Mr. Rae told The Globe in an email Tuesday morning. “We’re hitting hard and raising a lot of money. Will be announcing totals soon.”

An email? Don't reporters talk to people any more?

Haven't you guys learned that the Hidden Agenda meme is dead? Guess not.