Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood plans to turn Egypt's holiday resorts 'sin-free'

Azza al-Jarf, a candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood, told supporters: "Tourists don't need to drink alcohol when they come to Egypt; they have plenty at home."


On the other hand, influential cleric Yasser Bourhami called for 'halal tourism' - which includes restrictions on Westerners.

Speaking to private television network Dream TV, he said: "A five-star hotel with no alcohol, a beach for women - sisters - separated from men in a bay where the two sides can enjoy a vacation for a week without sins."

"The tourist doesn't have to swim with a bikini and harm our youth," he added.

No tourists don't have to drink alcohol, or share a beach with the opposite sex, but they will find their vacation to be very boring.

I predict their tourism industry will tank if they have their way.