Monday, December 05, 2011

Pro-life Blog Scoop of the Year: Ontario did over 43 000 abortions in 2010

Citizen journalism. This is how you do it.

CIHI reported that in 2009 there were about 30 000 abortions.

But this FOI reveals that there were 43 000 in Ontario in 2010.

Which means that CIHI failed to record approximately 30 percent of all abortions in Ontario.

This also suggests that abortions are not being properly counted in other Canadian provinces.

The federal minister responsible for CIHI should be held accountable and corrections should be made to methods of gathering abortion stats.

If we're to spend tax dollars gathering abortion stats, we should do it right.

(And this doesn't even deal with late-term abortions per se).

Kudos to Patricia Maloney!