Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sooner we reject contraception, the sooner we win

Dave Armstrong on how to win fetal rights:

The easiest way to accomplish it would be for Christians to actually have a lot more children than secularists, and to raise them as good Christian disciples. If we did that, legal abortion would be completely over in 20 years. We would conquer by demographics. But unfortunately, we have bought the anti-life contraceptive mentality, and so we are little different from the surrounding pagan culture; hence abortion goes on and on.

The article I posted above about 80% of young evangelicals being sexually active supports my point exactly about how compromised we are with the sexual insanity of this culture, leading to abortion, since having sex sort of leads to babies coming into existence, even despite all the marvelous anti-life techniques and devices.

How do 80% of young Evangelicals have sex?

With contraception.

Guess how many go on to have abortions and be the subject of articles by Joyce Arthur?

I understand the difficulty with these kids: chastity is a community thing.

When the community does not look out for the youth, when it virtually pushes them to have sex, then yes, they will have sex.

And Planned Parenthood will be there with the condoms and the abortions to facilitate that.

And these Evangelicals (not to mention other Christians) will not have the moral force to oppose contraception.

And since contraception fails, abortion will always be the back up for at least some of them.

Contraception is the gateway to abortion.

It's not only the gateway for those who want to have sex outside of marriage.

It's the gateway in the sense that the contraceptive mentality stops pro-lifers from having more kids.

If we pro-lifers had an average of 3 kids per person, and raised them to be pro-life, we could end abortion in this country in the next couple of generations. It's the most politically feasible method. We don't have to ask anyone's permission to do it. It would be poetic justice for this "reproductive choice" to end "reproductive choice".

But there are a lot of pro-lifers out there who still use contraception and don't realize the significance of their choices and attitudes. Part of it is that they've never been exposed to another alternative. Part of it is that even we serious pro-lifers are only begin to articulate the moral and anthropological significance of contraception and its relationship to abortion.

Some people might object to women being treated as "incubators".

But I'm talking about women choosing for themselves to have three or more children.

I'm not talking about imposing a "quota" on women.

Pro-life women can choose to have three kids or not. But if they do, they would probably get that much closer to ending abortion in this country.

And in any event, welcoming children into the world is what pro-lifers naturally do.