Sunday, December 18, 2011

Study: An unusual complication of unsafe abortion

Gee, I wonder why self-abortion should is a crime...

Unsafe abortion is a significant medical and social problem worldwide. In developing countries, most of the unsafe abortions are performed by untrained personnel leading to high mortality and morbidity

A lot unsafe abortions are done by untrained professionals in the First World, too. Note the implicit confusion between legality and safety.

CASE REPORT: A 30 year-old female, gravida 7, para 6 underwent uterine evacuation for heavy bleeding per vaginum following intake of abortifacient to abort a 14 weeks gestation.

Note that chemical abortions are performed up to 7 weeks in India. This lady was attempting self-abortion...

The procedure was performed at a rural setup and her bowel was pulled out of the introitus through the perforated wound, an unusual complication of unsafe abortion.

Yeah, totally unusual for intestines to be ripped out by untrained professionals... except that's the horror story all the abortion advocates told to justify *legalizing abortion*.

Illiteracy, unawareness about health services, and easy accessibility to untrained abortion providers lead to very high mortality and morbidity in India.

But access to abortion pill pushers in the First World won't lead to any deaths at all...

J Family Community Med. 2011 Sep;18(3):165-7.
An unusual complication of unsafe abortion.
Gupta S, Chauhan H, Goel G, Mishra S.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Subharti Institute of Medical Sciences, Uttar Pradesh, India.