Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Woman dies at abortion clinic in Melbourne


Over the past six years the clinic has been investigated several times, most recently in August when late-term abortionist and owner Dr. Mark Schulberg performed an abortion on 40-year-old Pheap Sem, who was rushed to Melbourne’s Box Hill Hospital in critical condition following the procedure.

Earlier this year the anesthetist at the abortion facility, James Latham Peters, was charged with 54 counts each of conduct endangering life, negligence causing serious injury and recklessness causing serious injury, after he allegedly infected dozens of women with Hepatitis C. Police said that the investigation will continue until all the clients of the clinic between 2006 and 2009 have been tested for the infection, and that Dr. Peters could face further charges.

Paula Shelton, the lawyer for the 54 women infected with Hepatitis C, said her clients have raised questions about why health authorities allowed Dr. Peters to continue practicing when there was mounting evidence concerning his own drug use, the illegal supply of drugs he provided to others, and charges of possessing child-pornography.

Gee, a perverted junkie doing abortions. Never heard of that before!